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Product Specifications

STAYbowl is the first tip-proof, ergonomic pet food bowl designed to specifically meet the needs of guinea pigs and other small pets. Its ergonomic design is patent pending, and supports current pet industry trends toward greater health and wellness for all pets, and greater consumer convenience.

Product Specifications

  • 1/4-cup (42 g) size (2.7 fluid ounces) is just right for one or two guinea pigs for measured kibble (if you have more than two guinea pigs, we recommend ordering multiple bowls, as this will cut down on food competition and allow you to better monitor food intake).

  • Overall dimensions are 1.5-inches tall x 6.75-inch base diameter x 3-inch bowl diameter x 1-inch bowl depth.

  • Food-grade polypropylene injection-molded and currently available in Sky Blue.

  • Lightweight, stackable design that reduces shipping costs for manufacturers, distributors and allows retailers to maximize shelf space.