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WheekyⓇ Pets Laundry Helper - Dogs & Cats - NEW!

$ 24.95
The Wheeky Pets Laundry Helper is a great way to keep your washer free of pet hair and debris, and prevent plumbing clogs. 
  • Keeps washer clean and free of pet hair and debris - Great for all pet laundry, including dog and cat bedding, blankets, towels, bed covers, toys, collars, leashes and more
  • Reduces the “yuck factor” - Cleans pet bedding and laundry and keeps washer free of pet hair and debris; also keeps pet hair and debris out of the laundry drainage system, reducing clogs
  • Saves time and money – Reduces maintenance calls and wasted water/gas/electricity; this bag pays for itself
  • Durable - 100 percent polyester fabric allows water to flow into and out of the laundry bag, providing superior cleaning and hair filtration; special anti-stick coating prevents pet hair from clinging to bag and easily shakes out
  • Convenient size - Large size (29”W x 31”L) fits a small pet bed, or pet bed cover plus 2-3 towels

The Wheeky Pets Laundry Helper will save you time and money. It does, however, require you to do things a little differently than you may be used to. For best results, follow these 4 simple steps:

1.   Shake

Take pet laundry outside, and shake out any loose hair.

2. Wash

Put pet laundry into Wheeky Pets Laundry Helper. Please make sure the bag is no more than half full. There must be room for the laundry to move around inside the bag and get clean*.

Pour unscented laundry detergent directly into the bag (on top of the laundry) and zip closed. Evenly distribute laundry within the bag to ensure a balanced load. Wash as directed.

3. Shake

When wash cycle is done, take wet bag and laundry outside, remove pet laundry from the bag, and vigorously shake out loose pet hair and debris.

Turn wet Wheeky Pets Laundry Helper inside out and also shake vigorously outside to remove debris. Hang bag to dry. Do not put bag in dryer.

4. Dry

After shaking, put wet pet laundry in dryer and dry as directed.

Remove any hair/debris from dryer lint trap.

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